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  1. YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE is a series of photo-notes the author started making when she left her family house to study in another city. Strange frames, shapes and bodies reflect the atmosphere of that time, its uncertainty and temporariness mixed with the intensity of new experiences. In the pictures daily life objects become abstract forms, the function of which is difficult to define. Paint coming off the ceiling is like a world map, but the continents on it are nothing like the ones we know from school. People on the photos are turned away or their bodies are visible only in fragments, anonymous and non-present. YOU AIN’T GOING NOWHERE is a spontaneous record of moments, referring to the inner state of a person immersed in a world full of absurd and seemingly endless possibilities.

    you ain’t going nowhere is now self-published in an edition of 50 hand-bound copies for sale

    64 pages, softcover and a poster