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  1. you ain’t going nowhere is a visual story on the theme of confusion, seemingly endless possibilities and disconnection with people and places. The motif of the road, both physical and metaphorical, is the base of the work. This series is a poetic journey through a certain atmosphere and feelings. The viewer is given little hints and is welcome to make their own connections. My aim was to make this work open to more than one interpretation, while ambiguity and confusion are both tools to achieve some kind of meaning, and the meaning itself.

    you ain’t going nowhere is a series consisting of images I took between 2010 and 2017. Initial ideas behind this work were inspired by the beat generation writings and postwar American poetry. Motifs of nothingness, ambiguity, confusion, searching for direction and seemingly endless possibilities were some of those I found first in myself, but what triggered my work was finding them in literature.

    you ain’t going nowhere is now self-published in an edition of 50 hand-bound copies for sale

    64 pages, softcover and a poster

    price: 15 euro plus shipping

    if you want to order a copy, email me: