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  1. You ain’t going nowhere is a a series of photo-notes taken throughout last couple of years, in different places, but it doesn’t matter which places those were. This could have happened anywhere.

    In the pictures daily life objects become abstract forms, the function of which is difficult to define. Paint coming off the ceiling is like a world map, but the continents on it are nothing like the ones I know from school. People are photographed in such a way that they are turned away or their bodies are visible only in fragments. There is some kind of loneliness and withdrawal in them. Defragmented and strange reality on my pictures is also corresponding with the input we are getting from the surrounding world: fragmentariness of information we are constantly exposed to. The pace of life that does not let one get deeply into some particular idea, but strikes with many issues at the same time, so that it is only possible to get into them on a surface level.

    I wanted to tell a story about being lost in the world full of absurd, ambiguity and seemingly endless possibilities. In everyday life I was searching for the extraordinary and strange: shapes, feelings and atmosphere to talk about some kind of longing for sense and direction in the reality full of confusion.